CGTN Europe

Social Media Manager

September 2020 - Present

📈 12 month growth in numbers:

+700k followers on Facebook
+20K followers on Youtube
+15k followers on Instagram
+7k on Twitter

1 month express growth on TikTok: +23k followers with viral videos topping 9.3M views

  • Social media strategy and management of CGTN's main social media channels

  • Conceiving and commissioning written, graphic and video content to be distributed on social 

  • Attending daily editorial meetings and develop ideas and content plans 

  • Helping the team promoting the use of social media across TV and Digital, working closely with reporters, anchors, producers and desks to help develop ideas and implement strategies

  • Covering live events and breaking news on social media

  • Growing and building strong communities using social media

  • Monitoring and researching social media and search trends and emerging platforms/tools/channels

The Telegraph 

Social Media Editor

March 2020 - September 2020

🔹Won Audience Development Team of the Year at the AOP's Digital Publishing Awards 2020

  • Editing and maintaining the Telegraph's main social media feeds to a high standard.

  • Creating written, graphic and video content to be distributed on social media channels.

  • Attending daily editorial conferences and weekly planning meetings to develop ideas and content plans with other desks.

  • Helping the team promote the use of social media across the newsroom, working closely with journalists and desks to help develop ideas and implement strategies.

  • Covering live events and breaking news on social media.

  • Growing and building strong communities using social media

  • Monitoring and researching social media and search trends and emerging platforms/tools/channels.

BIGDISH - Restaurant Discounts App

Social Media Manager and Content Producer
September 2019 - December 2019

Key achievements:

  • Start and manage all company social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube 

  • Create BigDish brand identity on social media

  • Produce strategies, videos, imagery, copies and content specifically tailored to social media campaigns and marketing campaigns

  • Partner with brand ambassadors & influencers 

  • Ensure long term alignment with strategic regional bloggers 

  • Liaise with in-house blogger, video & graphic designers  

  • Collaborate with national awards events 

  • Find and share relevant digital content and manage digital advertising campaigns

  • Create value-added content based on social media analytics

  • Provide social community management through smart and responsive community engagement

  • Promote and popularise new partnerships with restaurants and new areas as they launch


KLAZZ – Language Travel Reinvented


Social Media Producer & Content Manager
February 2018 – September 2019


Key achievements:

  • Social Media Content Production in the form of videos, posts, pictures, copies, implementing strategies, keyword research and SEO campaigns.

  • Filming and post-production of HQ content for traditional and social media channels.

  • CMS, Blog management, Blog content production.


WinkBall – Reporter Network

Freelance Video Journalist – Digital and Social Media
April 2017 - Present

Key achievements:

  • Video storytelling, research and interviews for social media outputs and traditional channels

  •  Video content production: shooting, editing and uploading on different digital media outputs

  • Script writing for reports: from video captures to complete screenplay for news stories, features and different programmes

  • Presenting and reporting on screen

  • CMS


Adapt Worldwide – Welocalize

Content Executive – Digital and Social Media
May 2017 - January 2018 (Now freelancing for the same company)

Key achievements:

  • Content production and development for websites and social media channels for large scale international companies such as Amazon, Deliveroo, UberEATS, Google, Udacity and Apple. Generating & pitching ideas for original blog content, video content, social media campaigns.

  • Working with the social media and web development team to produce content in the form of videos, reports, audio, blogs and web copies that meet the objectives of every client, matching particular guidelines.

  • Project management: creating and managing digital content and ads with in-house content producers and external freelancers. Development of SEO campaigns, keyword research and content for websites, apps and social media channels

  •  Managing all aspects of clients’ online content platforms and implementing content strategy across all platforms. 


TalkRADIO – News UK

Freelance Assistant Producer
August 2017 – January 2018

Key achievements:

  • Assisting the producer to research, write, edit and organise scripts for the following shows: Paul Ross – Full Set Breakfast; Jon Holmes show; James Whale show

  • Content Research: digging for the best stories, interviews with guests and experts and breaking news

  • Producing content for social media outputs: from tweets and posts to catchy headlines and captures

London One Radio     

Assistant Producer and Broadcast Journalist
September 2016 – May 2017

Key achievements:

  • Social media manager and leader of the Instagram Campaign that from 330 followers reached 1.1k followers  in 3 months only through organic content production

  • Radio and video content production and research for social media outputs and traditional channels 

  • Production and transformation of video complex messages in a simple and understanding form suitable for all media platforms. Generating & pitching ideas for explainers and original video content. 

  • I reported live on Facebook and on air from Westminster during the terror Attack (22nd of March 2017). I have been presenting exclusive Radio live interviews on social media channels with important actors, filmmakers and producers for Cinema Made in Italy 2017 (1st - 5th of March 2017).
    I produced and presented a programme aired on Saturdays: Happy Hour.


WORLDBytes - WORLD Write Volunteer Centre

Citizen TV Production Assistant - Volunteer
Feb 2017 – May 2017

Key achievements:

  • Production of TV Programmes and Documentaries including research, editing and pre-filming visits to locations

  • Camera training sessions: learning new filming techniques using different cameras and devices

  • Video Promotion for campaign videos about untold topics of social interest


Red Diamond Media

Freelance Production Assistant
Oct 2016 – April 2017

Key achievements:

  • Researcher and assistant producer for corporate and broadcast projects about education, technology and science-related topics

  •  Editing and optimisation of existing showreels 


Aelion Project s.r.l.  

Copywriter and Digital Content Producer
April 2014 – June 2015

Key achievements:

  • Social Media Content Production and Management 

  • Content production for websites within a team of graphic designers and the editorial department of the company

  • Press Officer and Advertising Executive for Multimedia and Visual Design projects for companies such as Heineken, Birra Moretti, Desperados

  • KPIs and accounting


  • MA International Journalism - City, University of London
    Sept 2015 – Jan 2017
    I was in the Top Ten Students (Broadcast specialisation) for MAIJ 2015/16.

    During this MA I learned how to be an efficient cross-platform journalist.
    I also acquired notions related to law and ethics in the UK, as well as the technical skills required to work in Digital, TV and Radio. During the final term, I was successful in finding interesting stories for our news output, delivering good quality journalism. 


  • ​MA Journalism and Publishing - University of Parma, Italy
    Nov 2012- July 2014
    First Class Honours (110/110 with special merit mention)

    This MA trained me in writing journalistic content, developing my storytelling skills for both print and online journalism. During my studies, I wrote my own blog about social and political issues. 


  • BA Italian Modern Literature - University of Chieti and Pescara, Italy
    Sep 2009 – Nov 2012
    First Class Honours (110/110 with special merit mention) 


  • Columbia University – Online Course in Global Muckraking: Investigative Journalism and Global Media
    Feb 2017 – March 2017


  • European Journalism workshops
    Nov 2013 – Jan 2014

    This course was focused on European issues and involved both debates and how to write about the EU.