I AM...

A Digital Content Producer, Social Media Expert and Journalist

A committed, multi-skilled, dynamic storyteller with a desire to use my talents to make an impact.


I’m creative, highly focussed and a self-starter. I am organised and capable of meeting the ongoing needs of a fast-paced work environment. 

I have an interest in entertainment, food, pop culture and human-interest stories. I am a strong networker, team-player and a social media ninja.

Keyboard and Mouse


Experience. Reliability. Success.

I work with many clients, providing exceptional digital content production services that are created specifically to their needs.




I’m here to make an impact with my storytelling, filming, editing and digital content production skills.

The secret behind the quality of my work is passion. I breathe information, creativity and social media.

My motto is: “Do what you really want to do

and it'll always be a laugh!

You need a good story to sell,

I am the storyteller you are looking for.



Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

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